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Battle to the End is a retro arcade style 2D top-down shooter game set on a digital world with awesome game play. Try your best to survive an onslaught of alien scum and fighting your way out of the digital world. You and your friend take the role as Ben and Simon, probability the best shooter and thief in the human world but somehow got kidnap during the Alien invasion. The Alien had lock them into a Digital prison, Ben and Simon are the best hope for all human survivor in the Digital prison, kill and destroy all alien prison guard in order to escape the prison and release all human survivors.

- 6 Unique levels.
- Explore the 8 bit digital world.
- Co-op mode for you to play with your friends.
- Special Weapon upgrades on hiding location.
- 8-bit retro aesthetic
- 8-bit sound track

- Developer: Georgina Wang
- Produced on Game Maker studio 2
- Release Date: November 12th, 2017(Windows)
- Version state: Early access
- Platform: Windows OS
- Price: Free
- Availability: Digital Download
- Contact information: georginawxy@gamil.com


Battle to the End.zip 20 MB

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